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NOEMMI | Design + inspiration log

" When you’re starting from the bottom, not everyone will see or support your vision, and you shouldn’t take it personal. Thank God for that and grow a spirit of discernment. Most people have the mentality of groupies. They desire to be apart of your success, but they want no part in your journey of struggle. "

- Taryn Andre (via tarynandre)


Preview of new pieces! Soon come!


Love model Jasmine Vincent in the #strangebutdope Shaina top #NOEMMI

InstaCrush: Ria Michelle - @riamichelle

Blogger + Stylist, Ria Michelle (@RiaMichelle) probably has the most chic + playful style you’ll find on anywhere - let alone on Instagram! She is the epitome of living free, living stylishly, and having fun while you do it. I’m #obsessed with her style posts + amazing food posts.  For those reasons (among many), she is this week’s #InstaCrush!  Check her out!

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Naomi Campbell photographed by Xevi Muntané for Harper’s Bazaar España October 2013

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A facelift I can get with… has a new look!

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Playing with jewelry ideas… because I don’t have enough to do. #NOEMMI

Imma sucker for a dope jacket!


What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database

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40 Before 40… A list that keeps growing!

So, I’m two years away from turning 30 and its a bit terrifying!  Most of my fear, however, does not come from growing older.  Nor am I having a quarter life crisis - which I was suppose to have had a few years ago.  Actually, one of my biggest fears is looking back on my youth and noticing that I never really lived.  For most of my life I’ve spent way too much time worrying, struggling, and waiting from something good to happen.  Luckily, creating NOEMMI is one of the things that helped turn that around. 

So, in the spirit of living life to the fullest - particularly, while you still have the energy and time to do so - I created a #40Before40 list.  Like it sounds, this list includes 40 things I aim to do before I turn 40. 

Some of the things on list (because I can’t give yall all of them) include:

  • Turning NOEMMI into a multimillion dollar fashion company.
  • Seeing this place!
  • Having three beautiful babies.
  • Becoming fluent in French, Spanish, + Japanese.
  • Dressing Janelle Monae + Solange Knowles.

What about you guys?  Whats on your #40Before40 lists? Or #30Before30?  Or #50Before50?